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New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

Located in Westchester County, our service areas include southern New York, southern Connecticut, and northern New Jersey. Outside areas are determined upon request.


Our expert tuning services cover all makes and types of pianos. From grand, baby grand, upright, to spinets we cover all models and brands. Our expertise include annual tuning, maintenance, & restoration for pianos that have not been tuned in years. RG Piano Tuning & Repairs will provide your desired tuning needs.

piano repair Services

Are your keys sticking, damaged, not leveled or even sound off when you play? Do you have broken note strings? These are some but not all of the problems that pianos may face. Our repair services can restore pianos back to their original or even desired playing experience & sound.

Piano tuning & REpair Questions

Our price is on a per visit basis. We have standard prices for regular tunings based on the type of piano; grand, baby grand, upright or spinet.

Based on the client's needs we offer to repair broken keys, sticky keys or any other problems that may affect how the key operates on the piano.

We can restring any broken strings or missing strings to any piano

We recommend clients to tune their piano at a minimum of once per year if used frequently. For example, if you are taking lessons and playing constantly we recommend to tune your piano at least once a year. This will allow for proper maintenance of your piano and keep it in good conditions for years to come. Tuning your piano more than once a year will only benefit the longevity of the instrument.

Please make sure there is nothing on top of your piano when a tuner is scheduled to visit. This allows the tuner to setup and disassemble the piano to work within easily.

No matter how long since a piano was last tuned it is still well worth to tune your piano if you are considering to play on it. Due to the long periods between tuning a tuner may be needed to take a second look at the piano shortly after the initial tune. This is due to the fact that the strings of the piano will become flat again since they have not been stretched out for a long period of time.

It takes approximately 2 hours to tune just about any make or size of piano.